The Day – Poetry in a time of pandemic: be grateful


Grateful for Life, Liberty and Humanity,

Grateful for acceptance, tolerance,

Endurance and serenity,

Grateful for our loved ones in our lives,

Thanks for the hard days

We overcome and survive,

Thank you for our true friendships,

To be there through all the hardships,

Thanks for standing up and watching

Forward for another beautiful day,

And do our best to the end,

Grateful for our beautiful nature,

For the beautiful, colorful

And intriguing creations,

Thanks to our teachers

And all those who play the role of a teacher,

To look forward to adventures,

Better opportunities and a

A better future together,

Thanks to our nurses and doctors,

Who set the bar high!

Who motivate and inspire!

Who go above and beyond to save lives!

Thank you for all the essentials

Men and women who work hard,

To keep us safe, prepared

And put every day,

Thank you for the love, kindness and

Compassion for one another,

A reminder that we can do

Impossible possible by working together!

Thank you for our differences!

Our differences are what make

We are unique, learn, grow and evolve!

There are so many reasons to be thankful!

Especially the years 2020 and 2021,

From afar!

Pulwasha Mahmoodi


Poetry in a Pandemic offers local readers a chance to share their poetry written during or related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To contribute, send an email to [email protected]


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