The University of South Australia reports the results of its research protocols (National Disability Insurance Scheme and Lived Experience of Psychosocial Disability for People Presenting to the Emergency Department: Protocol for a Mixed Method Study): Protocols of research


2021 NOV 16 (NewsRx) – By a Journalist-Staff News Editor at Daily Insurance News – New research on research protocols is the subject of a report. According to reports by Adelaide, Australia, by reporters at NewsRx, the research said: “Currently, in Australia3.6% of all emergency department (ED) referrals are related to mental health. Information on the background of the person presenting to the emergency room (beyond immediate needs), including their National Invalidity Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for Psychosocial Disability (PSD), is reported as incomplete and fragmented.

News correspondents obtained a research citation from the University of South Australia“There are missed opportunities for early intervention and continuity of care that could potentially inform emergency department practitioners to review current practices. The objectives of this study are: (1) to obtain original data from the voice of the lived experience of people with the NDIS PSD plan and their experience during presentation to an emergency department, (2 ) gather information from NDIS service providers to reveal the lines of communication between the SU and NDIS services, and (3) acquire knowledge from the ED clinicians about the processes of continuity of care with this group of population. This inductive, mixed-method phenomenological study will involve sequentially analyzed data collection, with each step informing future steps in the research. Interviews will focus on the voice of lived experience by exploring potential indicators that led to an emergency room presentation, as well as an analysis of the literature and associated clinical and administrative communications. Focus groups with NDIS support workers and support coordinators will provide phenomenological data around the experience from their perspective. National quantitative surveys of people with an NDIS PSD plan and emergency department clinicians will provide insight into current practices in community care and emergency department presentations. The design of the research project includes a Lived Experience Advisory Group that assists in the design of the schedules for interviews and focus groups and national surveys, as well as in the development of the interpretation of qualitative information. All transcriptions will undergo thematic analysis to understand the meaning that individuals give to these complex and particular phenomena. The research team includes a researcher in experience and an accompanying person (doctoral student). This study is funded by MIND Australia as an Industry Doctoral Fellowship, which began in april 2020. A systematic review as a pre-research activity was carried out and is currently under review. The human research ethics committee of University of South Australia approved this project. An advisory group has been selected and the interview, focus group and survey programs are currently being co-designed. Recruitment will start in November 2021. Data collection is expected to be completed by June 2022. “

According to reporters, the research concluded: “Understanding the lived experience of the pre-care, care and post-care stages of emergency department presentations from the perspective of those with an NDIS PSD plan will inform the research team on current practices and will provide information on improving care pathways for this group of vulnerable people, while informing health policy.

For more information on this research, see: National Disability Insurance Scheme and the Lived Experience of Psychosocial Disability for People Presenting to the Emergency department: Protocol for a study of mixed methods. JMIR research protocols, 2021; 10 (11).

Our journalists point out that additional information can be obtained by contacting Mark Loughhead, Mental health and suicide prevention research and Education group, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia. Additional authors of this research include Heather McIntyre, Laura Hayes and Nicolas Gérard Procter.

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