TikTok launches official book club after #BookTok popularity

In the crowded world of TikTok, #BookTok became a long-ago favorite: a cozy, sprawling community with a hashtag that has over 64.3 billion views. The social media giant is well aware of this popularity, tapping into this long-standing love for literature by launching an official book club on the platform.

The TikTok book club will be open to everyone, much like #BookTok, but with an organized structure. Each month, a new book will be announced for members of the community to read, being encouraged to “share their experiences” and thoughts. TikTok will also include a special hub dedicated to the Book Club within the application, where the new title of the month will be shared.

Given the phenomenon that is #BookTok, the official Book Club announcement comes as no surprise.

“From spotlighting little-known authors and genres to introducing the classics to a new generation, #BookTok has helped rekindle a passion for literature and we’re creating a new take on the much-loved #Reading Club format, so our community can continue to connect, spark conversations, and share the books they love the most,” said James Stafford, Head of Partnerships and Community at TikTok.


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In the virtual community, there will be a team of “BookTok Laureates”: a group of TikTokkers with a passion for reading, who will dive into each novel and share their thoughts through a series of content. The group is made up of BookTok creators @li.reading and @edenreidreadsliterature fan and “resident librarian of the Internet” @jackbenedwardscontent creator and avid reader @cocosareland author @Bmercer. At the end of the month, the five will host a TikTok Live session to discuss the book together.

The first book is a timely choice: Jane Austen’s 1817 classic Persuasion. The Netflix adaptation of the novel arrived last week and has been consuming the internet ever since. #AustenTok is also a major community living within TikTok, with over 17 million views.

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