U of A and Auburn College of Nursing to Present Research on Breastfeeding and Animal-Assisted Therapy

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University of Alberta nursing students work in the Tiny Tusks space during a home football game.

The Eleanor Mann School of Nursing at the U of A has partnered with Auburn University to present research on two distinct topics: the changing culture of breastfeeding and therapy assisted by the animal.

The event will take place from 5:30-6:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 15 in the Arkansas Union Ballroom. Allison Scott, associate professor in the U of A nursing program, and Ann Lambert, associate clinical professor in the Auburn nursing program, will talk about the relationship between health policy, breastfeeding culture, and the importance of collaborative research. U of A’s Tiny Tusks breastfeeding and infant support program is modeled after Auburn’s Tiger Babies initiative. Both programs provide clean, comfortable spaces at sporting events for caregivers to breastfeed, use a breast pump, or change a baby’s diaper. Nursing students and teaching staff spaces.

The U of A and Auburn nursing professors will also talk about CAREing Paws, an animal-assisted therapy program that is implemented on both campuses. U of A’s Michele Kilmer and Auburn’s Morgan Yordy will discuss their work to expand animal-assisted therapy programs beyond the traditional clinical setting. Two U of A therapy dogs in training – Gryffin and Bella – will be in attendance.

Academic research presentations will immediately follow the University of Alberta Nursing Career Fair. Recruiters from hospitals, social service agencies and other healthcare organizations will be available to discuss full-time, part-time or internship positions. Recruiters and hiring managers from over 25 organizations will be available.

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