Visual poetry in the Albert van Abbehuis

Carola Eijsenring: Photo credit Rob Verhaar

A fascinating program of poetry, music, dance and art took place at the Albert van Abbehuis on Sunday afternoon. The program entitled “A walk through the past, present and beyond” was a breathtaking mix of poetry, dance and music.

Presented by Dutch poet and performance artist Carola Eijsenring (band Burning Blood), it took the audience on a journey through her moving poems about identity, history and the past. It was a beautiful amalgamation of poetry with dance and music where the audience was the traveler on a journey.

The Kathak dancer (a classical Indian dance form) Aboli Dhayarkar brought to life the beautiful interpretation of Carola’s poems through her rhythmic dance and distinctive expressions. The story developed through Carola’s poems, fusing grace in Aboli’s confident footwork and passionate tempo, creating a wonderful fusion between East and West. Erik Deckert on Didgeridoo, OwlinThecity on Hang pan and Ali Becan on cello backed them up expertly, creating a melodious environment. Jan Radersma’s paintings added to the charming setting and storytelling.

Visual poetry in the Abbehuis
Photo credit: Rob Verhaar

The audience fully enjoyed the “walk” through the past, present and beyond where the boundaries between poetry, dance and music blurred to create an aesthetic fruit of fusion. The program was presented in Dutch and English.

A report by Chaitali Sengupta

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