Why Jill Martin and her fiance Erik Brooks broke up and got back together


TODAY Show contributor and sports presenter Jill Martin and partner Erik Brooks started dating in 2017 and announced their engagement in May 2019 after Brooks offered a trip to the Hamptons.

Sadly, a year after the news broke, the couple decided to end their relationship and end their engagement.

In a statement in May 2020, Martin shared that the remote nature of the relationship – she was based in New York and Brooks in Boston – coupled with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, had meant their relationship had become strained.

Martin said: “This pandemic has taken its toll on so many aspects of life – it’s such a difficult time for everyone. Erik is the most gorgeous person, but with him living in Boston with his kids and me living in New York, the distance has become too difficult for us to maintain the type of relationship that is important to both of us. “

She added: “He’s an amazing man, and I wish him nothing but the best.”

They spent 18 months apart and in an open essay on Today.com, Martin reflected on their breakup and decision to get back together.

In her essay, she described the end of their relationship as “heartbreaking”, but she accepted that they “needed a break. A long break.”

Martin explained, “We argued more than we got along.

“Energetically, the timing was not right. We both still needed to grow. It took a collapse to rebuild us together.”

In her essay, Martin shared that she spent time working on herself, in therapy, exercising, taking care of herself, and exploring her creativity. It was only after this process that she decided to contact Erik 18 months later, on a Thursday afternoon.

She wrote: “When I called Erik this random Thursday a few months ago he was shocked to hear from me. He took the time to process that first conversation and then we got to know each other again. . We wanted to make sure. The weather would be different. Better. “

After months of dating and rediscovering their relationship, Martin announced on Sunday November 21 in the same open essay that she and Brooks were engaged for the second time.

Brooks asked the question while the couple were on vacation in Harbor Island in the Bahamas.

News week has contacted TODAY Show representatives for comment.

Who is Erik Brooks?

Erik Brooks is the founder and CEO of Ethos Capital, an equity investment firm.

He also attended Harvard Business School, according to his LinkedIn page.

Brooks, who is based in Boston, has three children from a separate marriage.

Sadly, very little is known about him, but fans of the couple can expect to see a lot more now that they’re officially engaged.

Martin’s essay on his second engagement with Brooks was shared via TODAY’s social media pages, and fans of the presenter shared their congratulatory posts online.

On Twitter, a fan replied, “Oh my God @JillMartin I’m so happy for you. Congratulations! You deserve all the happiness in the world.”

A second fan wrote: “I think her story is more beautiful and meaningful the second time around.”

A third fan added: “It’s pretty cool. I think you have to go through things before a relationship really solidifies. After 40 years together, my wife and I are closer than ever. You can’t. abandon the ship without trying to save it. “

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Jill Martin and her fiancé Erik Brooks are engaged … again.
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