Zahida Gul verses elevate thought

Zahida Gul Razzaq is infinitely passionate about the innate power of poetry to heal and inspire hope. His poems cover poignant topics like loss and grief; she makes sure to infuse her free-spirited energy into everything she writes.

When she’s not pouring her heart out on the page, you can find this avid adventurer hanging out with her best friend. She is a poet who honestly shares her vision of the world. His poems are moving and focused on everyday life. She speaks of the value of friendship, but of its fragility when trust is gone.

It also expresses notions about truth and lies and how painful it can be to discover a half-truth. It also has a motivational aspect that encourages us to move forward in our lives.

Her collection of poetry Shesha-e-Dil is a collection that shows how even sad or hostile situations can be expressed in harmony. The author’s words help heal broken hearts and overcome conflict.

The presentation is good and the poems follow a coherent order in keeping with their theme. I was thrilled to see Zahida Gul recount her vivid experiences so powerfully and from such a different perspective. She talks about even more things and reminds us that those we have known in the past are still part of our hearts.

The poet’s language is emotional and accessible and the book is very pleasant to read. It’s easier to appreciate poetry when it’s expressed on a general level that everyone can understand. This selection avoids the superfluous and focuses on the ideas that the poet wishes to convey.

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